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renaissance dental Something isn’t covered I know that’s a bad thing but it’s better than renaissance dental  the alternative which means you’re paying ten times as much or your declines renaissance dental right charge Oh enough it’s considered terminal risk where somebody had hand issues.

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they couldn’t charge you enough to make it worth it so it happens but are these common issues just you know when you get interviewed by Paul Goodman a lot of things happen up here so sometimes you’re not they’re not on

the page just from my brain you know these companies are they doing well finding empty mean obviously as the consumer I think oh you know I’m paying for disability and I’m gonna pamper disability and they must just be raking like

a giant rake of money like her Scrooge Duck right but are they the companies have challenges just they’re paying out more claims and they used to or you know arts it’s a hard space to be in I mean Dennis come become disabled a lot more than C Pas and attorneys I think so financial ratings matter we only use companies

that have you know a plus ratings plus Codex but if you think about it if somebody’s paying ollars a month with a disability and the benefit is ten thousand a month how many people do they need paying to satisfy one claim yeah so like if they’re paying out ten thousand

a month I need healthy people just to break even on that so know this companies aren’t ranking it in in this particular market that’s why it’s so hard to get and I’m assuming they’re just talking about general things like there’s probably disability claims where the people don’t want to go back to work do they ever have to like shoo

them back to work or you guys involved in in those scenarios where I’m just just thinking off Tom ahead like somebody’s disabled for a year they want to be they don’t want to go back to work but then do they have to go back to work

how does the disability insurance communication doctor it really is it’s a lot of working between the the company and and the client ultimately I think people feel better when they’re working so easily better for their mental health but there are times when they’re going back to work and there are times th