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humana dental insurance At Lowest Cost

The patine humana dental insurance will take a photo of the tooth at the first visit and the dentist will customize it according to the type of braces the patient has chosen.

After the plan is determined, the date of the model will be reserved. All patient dental models will be sent to the hidden beauty headquarters to be customized by computer. 

complete a set of corrective braces.

  • If the condition of the teeth and the braces are not consistent during the treatment, the situation will be sent to the Hidden Beauty Headquarters to correct the plan again.
  • Ordinary metal braces mainly use metal brackets, which is the most common orthodontic method currently on the market.
  • The braces help to arrange the teeth, the most important of which is the moderate price and high cost performance.
  • Traditional wire braces are divided into two categories, one is self-locking and the other is non-self-locking.
  • Non-self-locking is the traditional wire braces we often say. The correction speed is the fastest among all the braces, but it is also the most unattractive one.

Braces using self-locking self-locking brackets and elastic memory means straight arch wire can improve tooth movement, the doctor only to one end of the bracket to adjust .

The tension braces, can tighten the whole bracket But the price is also a bit more expensive than non-self-locking.