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Middle dentemax design and then more like an aggressive thread-like on over pearls and they success rate over a four year period but was between and ninety nine point four percent success which is very similar to the titanium.



That on my that’s why today we can say sir cornea Bella come from implants are just as successful as titanium this is a nine year study patients with plus implants .

This study was actually published in these patients were examined after nine years also zero field surface early implant loss occurred in four point four percent of Asians

What is early implant loss mean usually within the first couple of months and we see the same kind of ratio around titanium implants four point two percent of patients presented with late implant loss meaning after they

Were loaded so of course higher odds ratio was seen in smokers we see the same thing with titanium and also patients with an initial diagnosis of periodontitis and we know that studies show the same thing for titanium

Typically there’s a % difference in patients that have there are smokers versus non-smokers in terms of success rate so I still encourage patients very much to quit smoking but what we do know that the nicotine what is nicotine due to .

The cells exactly slows down the healing you kind of very tarts the progression of the cells so I encouraged them to quit smoking at least two weeks before and stay non-smoking for as long as possible after searching and also implants shorter than millimeters these have a higher ratio for early than flat loss now we do see the same .